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Thursday, September 18, 2014

// Office progress


When we originally viewed this home, we knew this room had so much potential! But, as you can see, the carpet was... not ideal. This room will be used as our office, and since we have three industrial cabinets that we'd rather not move more than once, we decided that replacing the flooring was high on our list for before we moved in.

We pulled up the carpet, took out the electrical outlets in the floor, and took the wall heater down. My dad scraped the floor, and luckily since it was water soluble, the glue came up relatively easily. 


Heart eyes. 

My dad and father-in-law, bless them, had all the flooring done that same night. And it looks a million times better in there! We still have so much to do, but crossing this off the list was a nice start! 

// Storage Unit Auction

We went to another storage unit auction a few days ago, and it was Arlo's first time! He gave us his valuable opinions and distracted everyone so we could get our bids in. ;) We ended up getting five units, which was maaaaybe one unit too many. However, we got them all loaded in the trailer and swept out in less than 24 hours! 
(I didn't bid on this one. No, thank you!)

We did win this one, though. You can't tell from this photo, but there's a fridge on top of a couch. Yep. That was fun.

My mama and I. 
Those are prescription sunglasses! I've worn glasses my whole life and have never experienced the amazing pleasure of wearing sunglasses. They, like all of my other pairs of glasses, are from Firmoo and I love them! They're currently having a 50% off flash-sale, so check that out here.

The contents of all five units are currently sitting in our garage. I can't wait to go through everything, but Rusty and I agreed the renovations should be done on the house first. We are on a time crunch ;) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

// Finally.

Rusty and I have been trying to buy another house on and off for the last three years. When I was pregnant with Arlo, we desperately wanted to have an investment property that we could rent out and make extra income with by the time he was born. We had a contract on two separate houses - one ended up getting vandalized (and all the copper in the entire house stolen) while under contract. The damage was estimated at $20,000, which was extra money we didn't have. Both houses fell through, and then Arlo was born and we were too wrapped up in him to even think about other houses (understandably, right?). Fast forward to October 2013. Arlo had just turned one and we wanted to see where we stood as far as getting approved for another loan without my day job's income. I had just started The Violet Room and wasn't making quite what I wanted to yet. Still, we wanted to see how far off the mark we were. We were approved, but only if we were to sell the house we were living in. We were disappointed, but it was great motivation to work harder. Two months later, we decided to move to a rent house in the country and then rent out the home we owned. We moved on January 2nd, and had our "old" house rented out (in two days!) with a year lease signed. We were completely ecstatic. Owning a rental property had been our dream for years, and even though we didn't do it the traditional way, we were still pumped.
Last month, we went back to the same bank and re-applied for another mortgage loan. My business had grown and we had a signed years lease on our property. My stomach was in knots waiting for the yes or no, but we finally got official word we'd been approved and could start looking at houses. Phew. The next day, Rusty and I drove by and peeked in windows of 15 houses. We got it narrowed down to a solid 5, and then made appointments to see them the next day.

Arlo gravitates towards toilets. Sigh.

We didn't expect to find "the house" from these five, but we did. I've always had trouble getting emotionally attached to houses and that is exactly what happened this time, too. ;) Oh well! We made an offer on one and they accepted. The owners are still living there for the time being, so we have plenty of time to pack and purge. Starting next month, there will be an insane amount of before/afters coming. I. Am. So. Excited.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

// #2

I won my second storage unit at an auction on Thursday. It was the last unit of the day and it didn't look that promising. In fact, a few people left before the bidding started. I looked in and didn't see much except an opened box on top of a filing cabinet. Inside the box were hand addressed envelopes. I took a guess and figured not many people would be bidding on this unit in particular, and decided if nothing else, at least I had some letters to read. ;) I won with a bid of $5. My dad brought his 16ft enclosed trailer with us, so we loaded everything into the trailer, swept out the unit, and headed home to go through everything.

There was a set of three matching tables (made my money back!), a few porcelain elephants, a lace tablecloth, and a heavy afghan blanket.

After cleaning out the filing cabinet and a few other boxes, I started stringing bits and pieces of information together about the people that this unit belonged to. The unit had items and personal things (it only took me two units to find the dreaded box of adult content, haha) belonging to at least six different people and none of them shared the same last name. And then I struck gold - hidden away in a box, I found a brief case stuffed with papers, photos, and letters dating back from the 60's. Nothing in the brief case is worth money, but these kinds of finds are my favorite. A ton of headshots, old photos, marriage and divorce papers for the same couple, and of course, letters.