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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goodbye, March // Hello, April!


Another month gone! In March, Arlo finally got a little verbal - adding "mama", "daddy", "bath", "papa", "bye bye", and "bite" to his regular vocabulary. I chopped all of my hair off. It's about an inch long in the back! Eek! It was such a hard decision but I am really enjoying it so far. We started adding some vintage and antiques in our booth downtown. I'm trying to keep our booth clutter free, but it's hard not taking every cute thing I find up there! We are still adding new clothing to our booth, so if you're in the Amarillo area - check it out! Our booth is upstairs at The Nat on 6th. ;) We'll have some items perfect for spring in the next couple of weeks. 

We started our garden seeds indoors in egg shells and soil peats. On the last day of the month, we had our first sprouts. With it being our first garden, I was thrilled to see those tiny plants. It only took three days after we started the lettuce for it to sprout! In preparation for moving them outside in another few weeks, we've been working with our pallets outside. We removed all the extra wood beams to make "aisles". We bought some landscape cloth and covered the undersides of them with it to help control weeds and also not have the soil fall out. We've raked our backyard and planted some flowers. We're really enjoying the little space we've created! Since we live in the country, we have a lot more critters now. We have one owl and a few woodpeckers (oh, and three dogs..)


Something about the start of a new season always brings fresh motivation. Spring is always the time when I get the most done and I plan to take full advantage of it this year! This month, I hope to get at least 600 items in our shop. I've been adding new items and relisting things that have been out of stock, and I'm currently sitting at 507. Growing the store is my #1 goal for this year, and I've been trying to break it down into smaller goals to help me visually see the progress.
We also hope to spend more time outside with Arlo. {He's 18 months old today!} I'd love to have some of our starter seeds transferred outside by the end of this month. There's a few household projects I'd like to get done, such as painting Arlo's "big boy" bed and finding him some bookshelves. We are getting a few things from IKEA to help organize our office, too! I'm so excited to finally get everything in order in there. It's a crazy mess!

What are some of your goals for this month?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Garden plans //

We are officially planning first garden! We are planning on growing Cilantro, Spearmint, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Green onions, Red onions, Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Celery. I'll be growing the cilantro and spearmint in containers, and the rest will be planted in our pallets! We have five of them with more if we need it, so I hope we have enough room for everything. 

I'm hoping to get some pellet seed starters and start them indoors before transplanting them outside. I'm aiming for at least six weeks of inside-growing, which will give us time to get the pallets ready in the mean time. We'll be taking some of the boards off, stapling landscape cloth to the bottoms (to help with weeds), and filling them with soil.

All of our seeds are organic and non-GMO. I got all the above seeds for $11.84 shipped from! They have the above seeds in packets for $.99 each. Since this is our first year, I wanted to start small(ish) and stick with what we would actually eat and use. 

Wish us luck! :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Closing one chapter..

Back in December, we made a quick (instantaneous) decision that we needed to move. We had a few safety issues come up and felt like moving to a new place where only a few people would know the address was our best option. We packed up our whole house, found a house the same week, and were completely moved by January 2nd. I loved our old house - moving was not something we really wanted to do at the time, but on the other hand, it gave us an opportunity to finally have a rental property! We spent the last few weeks making some repairs, painting, and cleaning everything. We handed the keys over to a property manager on a Sunday, and she had it rented in less than two days!

We bought the 'old' house in March of 2011, just a few weeks after the fire. In July, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  In August of 2011, I quit my day job and started working full time on The Violet Room. In January of 2012, we found out we were finally expecting our first child - and then later, in October, he was born on the bathroom floor. ;) Arlo learned how to crawl and walk in the front living room. He said his first words here! Rusty and I (and Arlo!) grew so much within these walls and I cherish the memories that were made there. Thankfully, our property manager has found a family that seems to love it as much as we did!

We plan on being in our 'new' home until at least December of this year, but we're already thinking of where we'll end up next. We're throwing around so many ideas!